Cape Irozaki 石廊崎

Irozaki Cape
Irozaki Cape

Picturesque, rugged coastline on the Izu Peninsula

The Pacific waters have battered the Japanese coast for millennia, carving dramatic shapes in the rocks and inspiring countless artists. Cape Irozaki is the perfect place to experience this part of Japanese culture.

How to Get There

Cape Irozaki is accessible by bus from major train stations.

The nearest station is Izukyu-Shimoda Station on the Izu-Kyuko Line. From there, take the bus for Irozaki and get off at Irozakiguchi. It takes about 40 minutes. From the Irozakiguchi bus stop, it's a five-minute walk to the harbor where the trailhead for Cape Irozaki is located.

Quick Facts

The Irozaki lighthouse has been in continuous use since the 1870s

The area offers water sports and many hiking trails

Striking views

The southern-most point of the Izu Peninsula juts out into the Pacific Ocean seemingly like the edge of the world. From the top of its jagged, steep cliffs, the views across the open ocean are both breathtaking and humbling. You can clearly see the curvature of the earth, and small islands dot the surface like droplets as sightseeing boats drift slowly by.

The Irozaki lighthouse stands like a sentinel over the scenery on the cape, a white mast standing proudly on the cliff. Following the coastline around to Cape Tarai, you can find Toji, a beach village with natural caves and sandboarding facilities.

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