Hattasan Soneiji Temple 法多山 尊永寺

Hattasan Sonei-ji Temple Hattasan Sonei-ji Temple
Hattasan Sonei-ji Temple Hattasan Sonei-ji Temple

The temple where good fortune resides, and a snack to dispel your bad luck

This temple dates from 725 and is the home of good fortune. The enshrined statue of Avalokitesvara carved by the Priest Gyoki is said to dispel evil and keep bad luck at bay.

How to Get There

You can reach the temple by train, followed by bus and a short walk, or by taxi.

Take the JR Tokaido Line to Fukuroi Station. From there, take the Entetsu Bus to Hattasan Bus Stop (15 minutes). The temple is an additional 10 minutes on foot.

Good fortune

People travel from far and wide, particularly in the new year, to pray for protection and luck at this ancient Buddhist temple in Fukuroi. You can buy souvenirs and charms for that, including delicious yakuyoke dango, which is also said to remove bad luck.

Blossoms and lanterns

The temple grounds are covered by more than 700 cherry trees, drawing many visitors in spring. Summer sees the Ten Thousand Light Festival, where the whole precinct is lit up by lanterns. The temple's five bells and gate are recognized as Important Cultural Properties.

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