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Mt. Fuji 富士登山

Climbing Mount Fuji Climbing Mount Fuji
Climbing Mount Fuji Climbing Mount Fuji

The high point of a visit to Japan

Climbing Mt. Fuji was once viewed as a religious pilgrimage to honor the spirit of what is one of the most beautiful and iconic peaks on the planet. An endeavor famed for its natural beauty and cultural significance, getting to the top of Mt. Fuji is an experience unlike any other.

Quick Facts

Mt. Fuji is actually a volcano but hasn't been active since 1707

Saturdays tend to be the most crowded and the summit at sunrise is packed

How to Get There

There are various ways to get to the three trailheads for Mt. Fuji on the Shizuoka side by train and bus.

Take a bus from Gotemba Station (on the JR Gotemba Line) to the Subashiri trailhead at the 5th Station, or the Gotemba New 5th Station Trailhead.

Choose your route up Mt. Fuji

There are four routes up to the peak: the Subashiri trail , the Fujinomiya trail , the Gotemba trail , and the Yoshida trail . All trails begin at what's known as the fifth station. Trails open on July 10 (except the Yoshida trail , which opens July 1), and close on September 10, although the dates may change depending on snow conditions. Each trail has its quirks, and they are all color-coded to keep you on track.

Stay warm, safe and on track

It may be steamy and hot when you begin climbing, but the summit can be rainy, windy and below freezing—even in summer. Bring warm waterproof clothes and plenty of water. Save some stamina for the trail down, too, because the incline and loose volcanic rock can be difficult to handle. Injuries are more likely while descending.

Catch the sunrise at the summit

You can climb Mt. Fuji during the daytime when the temperature is the warmest, but the best time to stand at its peak is during the sunrise. To catch the sunrise at Mt. Fuji, you can either hike from the middle of the night or stay in one of the mountain huts. With the night hike, you can avoid the hot summer sun and also enjoy the sunrise as you go up. Reservations are needed for the hut stay, and you should keep in mind that women and men share the hut in close quarters.

Sunrise on Mt. Fuji is a breathtaking experience. The sun first makes its appearance on the eastern horizon. Standing far above the clouds it's unlike any sunrise you've ever seen.

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