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Tojinbo 東尋坊

Tojinbo Tojinbo
Tojinbo Tojinbo

A kilometer-long stretch of rough columnar joint rock formations

Tojinbo is a precipitous cliff approximately 25 meters high, formed by the rough waves of the Sea of Japan. A designated Natural Monument and Place of Scenic Beauty, it is a kilometer-long stretch of rock walls with dynamic columnar joints. The columnar joints of Tojinbo are made of pyroxene andesite (dacite), which is geologically rare; columnar joints like these can only be found in South Korea and Norway.

Tojinbo was formed by volcanic activity long ago, shaped by sea erosion that occurs even now. If you touch the surface of the rocks, you can feel the power of nature. One of the best ways to view the cliffs is from the sea, aboard a sightseeing boat accompanied by a guide.

Don't Miss

  • Oshima, the “Island of the Gods,” which can be reached from Tojinbo
  • The Ariso Promenade, which connects Oshima and Tojinbo
  • Nami no hana, “flowers” of sea foam created by the rough waves of the Sea of Japan

How to Get There

Tojinbo can be accessed via Keifuku Bus. It is about 10 minutes from Mikuni Station, served by the Echizen Railway.

Sunset at Tojinbo

A flash of green said to bring happiness

Tojinbo overlooks the Sea of Japan, and offers spectacular views of the sunset below the horizon. There is a unique phenomenon called the “green flash,” in which the setting sun appears to glow green, caused by certain weather conditions just before sunset. It is a unique experience that can only be found at Tojinbo.

Crossing the vermillion bridge

Oshima is a small island off the coast from Tojinbo that can be accessed by a vermilion bridge. Cross the bridge and climb the 78 stone steps to find the tranquil Ouminato Shrine. The island is surrounded by a beautiful virgin forest, and if you follow the walking path that circumnavigates the island, you can enjoy the natural scenery.


The Island of the Gods

Residents of the area have made their livelihood off of the sea's bounty. But the rough waves and dangerous weather conditions made fishing quite dangerous. Oshima's Ouminato Shrine is where people pray for the safety of those going out to sea. Locals still revere the island as a place where the gods dwell.

The Echizen Coast is the perfect spot for a drive

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