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Maruoka Castle 丸岡城

Maruoka Castle Maruoka Castle
Maruoka Castle Maruoka Castle

Rising from the rubble—the oldest keep in Japan

Maruoka Castle is one of the oldest remaining castle keeps in Japan. Completely destroyed as a result of an earthquake in 1948, it was reconstructed using salvaged materials just a few years later, in 1955.

Considered by many to be an important piece in the history of Japanese architecture, Maruoka Castle is recognized as an Important Cultural Property.

Quick Facts

The structure was built in 1576 by Shibata Katsutoyo

Nicknamed "Mist Castle" due to the castle's mystical natural defense system

How to Get There

Maruoka Castle and Kasumigajo Park are accessible by bus from Fukui and Awara Onsen stations.

From Fukui Station, take a Keifuku bus bound for Maruoka Castle (40 minutes). From Awara Onsen Station, take a Keifuku bus bound for Maruoka Castle (20 minutes).

Whatever the weather

Maruoka Castle is also known by many as “Mist Castle.” This alternate name is the result of a legend that whenever enemies would approach the castle, a thick mist would descend upon it as a natural shield.


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