Echizen Katsuyama Castle 勝山城博物館

Echizen Katsuyama Castle
Echizen Katsuyama Castle

Dragons on every side: Echizen Katsuyama Castle and its museum display 700 years of history

Originally built in 1579 by a feudal lord named Shibata Katsuyasu, Echizen Katsuyama Castle was moved and expanded in 1992, becoming a five-tiered, six-story castle tower. There are dragons on the stone walls of the castle.

Echizen Katsuyama Castle houses a museum featuring an assortment of tools and weaponry, representing 700 years of Japanese history. On the sixth floor, you can find an observation deck that boasts magnificent views of Katsuyama City and the surrounding Hakusan mountain range.

How to Get There

You can get to the castle by train and then bus.

Echizen Katsuyama Castle is accessible by bus from Katsuyama Station. Taking the community bus bound for the south of Katsuyama will get you there in approximately 20 minutes.

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