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Zuiryuji Temple 瑞龍寺

Zuiryuji Temple Zuiryuji Temple
Zuiryuji Temple Zuiryuji Temple

Zen austerity and Edo-period elegance

Zuiryuji is Toyama Prefecture's only temple that is also a National Treasure, and is the highlight of any visit to Takaoka . Striking architecture, sprawling grounds, and a magnificent Buddha are its main draws, while a sound and light show held each spring highlights the precinct's serene beauty. A sense of symmetry pervades the layout of the buildings, which you will want to explore at leisure as you move through the temple complex.

Don't Miss

  • The magnificent Somon and Sanmon gates leading into the temple grounds
  • The stately kawarabuki-tiled roof of the Butsuden, and it's object of worship: a statue of Shakyamuni, the historical Buddha
  • The chance to see the complex illuminated at night as part of a special sound and light show held in spring (please see the official site for the latest information)

How to Get There

Zuiryuji Temple is located in central Takaoka City, a 15-minute walk from the main train station.

JR Rail Pass holders can take the Hokuriku Shinkansen (connecting Tokyo, Kanazawa) to Shin-Takaoka. Once there, transfer to the Johana Line for a three-minute journey to Takaoka. If you do not have a rail pass, you can also take the Ainokaze Line from Toyama to Takaoka, a direct trip taking only 17 minutes.

Illuminated beauty

Whether you are just passing through Takaoka or planning on spending a day or more in the area, Zuiryuji can easily be worked into a tour of local attractions. However, a son et lumiere (sound and light) attraction usually held at the end of April at the temple is a beautiful sight to behold. For a small fee you can also enjoy the night market, which is usually held at the same time. Expect to pay a small fee, and plan ample time to take in the festive atmosphere as well as explore the concurrently held local night markets.

A bold yet simple ambiance

Two large gates leading into the temple precinct are among the architectural highlights. The larger of the two, or Sanmon, houses two Nio guardian statues of fierce demeanor. The meticulously groomed courtyards of raked gravel are a hallmark of Zen temple design.

At the center of Zuiryuji stands the Butsuden, so named because it houses a statue of the temple's main object of worship, Shakyamuni, the historical Buddha. As the most impressive structure in the compound, the eclectic mix of carvings inside makes the butsuden's interior as aesthetically pleasing as the exterior, and you'll want to take your time to examine them all individually.

Historical significance

Zuiryuji's history interweaves with that of Takaoka's founder, Maeda Toshinaga, and his brother Toshitsune. Toshinaga commissioned the building (called Hoenji at that time) shortly before his death in 1614. His successor Toshitsune renamed the temple in Toshinaga's honor (“Zuiryu,” was his posthumous name). The figure of Maeda Toshinaga still looms large over Takaoka, and as one of his foremost legacies, Zuiryuji forms part of the cultural fabric of present-day Toyama .

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