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Hahajima Island 母島

Haha-jima Island Haha-jima Island
Haha-jima Island Haha-jima Island

Enjoy trekking, snorkeling and the slow life on an unspoiled island haven

Situated about 50 kilometers south of the island of Chichijima , Hahajima is the third largest of the Ogasawara Islands . This island is a haven for wild birds, and its temperate climate has allowed vegetation to flourish. Hiking trails around the island offer majestic views of stunning natural sites.

Quick Facts

The island offers snorkeling, trekking, and whale and dolphin watching

Public transport is not available on the island

The main village is built around Oki Port

How to Get There

Hahajima is best accessed from Chichijima via the Hahajima Maru ferry.

To get to Hahajima, take the Ogasawara Maru ferry from Tokyo Takeshiba Terminal overnight to Chichijima (24 hours). Then, after enjoying all Chichijima has to offer, take the Hahajima Maru ferry to Hahajima for approximately two hours.

The mother and father islands

As their names suggest, Chichijima (“father”) island and Hahajima (“mother”) island are a pair. Transportation to Hahajima is via Chichijima, offering a nice opportunity to explore both islands.

Mt. Chibusa

Mt. Chibusa, located at the center of the island, is one of the highest peaks in Ogasawara , standing at 463 meters. Climb the mountain for a beautiful view of the sea across the island. The path offers plenty of opportunities to study the diverse plant life on the island along the way.

An unspoiled natural haven for birds

Hahajima is a haven for birds and home to the Bonin Honeyeater, a unique bird only found here. The island does not have public transport, but renting a bicycle is a fun way to get around. Rental cars are also available.

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