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Seaside hot springs, ocean sports, and natural wonders on a subtropical island

Visit Hachijojima to immerse yourself in unspoiled nature, healing heat, and warm waters, and go for snorkeling adventures in this largely untouched, inviting beachside paradise.

Don't Miss

  • Trying scuba diving or snorkeling to see tropical fish
  • Hiking to experience the nature of the island
  • Visiting the Hachijo Island Museum of History

How to Get There

From Tokyo, you can fly to the island in under an hour or take a more leisurely ferry.

From Tokyo, fly from Haneda Airport to Hachijojima Airport (55 minutes) or take an overnight boat from Takeshiba Pier to Sokodo Port (approximately 10 hours).

Quick Facts

Hachijojima is the second-most distant island of the Izu Islands

The Kuroshio current keeps the waters off Hachijojima relatively warm year-round

A stunning landscape created by volcanic forces

Hachijojima is formed of two stratovolcanoes, the last eruption of which was in 1606.

Nature on the island is beautiful and verdant due to the volcanic soil. Situated 287 kilometers from Tokyo, Hachijojima was used as a penal colony prior to the 1900s, and criminals and political dissidents alike were exiled here.

Embrace the warm ocean current

The island is a wonderful place to visit if you are not fond of cold weather. It is surrounded by the warm Kuroshio current. Thanks to its stunning beauty and friendly climate, the island's popularity grew in the 1960s as a romantic holiday and honeymoon destination for Tokyoites.

Relax in abundant hot springs

The island boasts seven natural hot springs heated by geothermal energy. Located mainly on the southwest side of the island, you can experience various types of natural baths, including outdoor baths and foot baths.

Some onsen are situated on the coast, commanding an unobstructed view of the ocean. You can pick up a two-day bus and hot spring pass designed especially for visitors to the island to receive unlimited access to certain hot springs.

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