Yebisu Garden Place 恵比寿ガーデンプレイス

Ebisu Garden Place Ebisu Garden Place
Ebisu Garden Place Ebisu Garden Place

From beer factory to elegant city sanctuary

Yebisu Garden Place is the original home of the Yebisu Beer Brewery. Today it is an elegant city within a city filled with lots to eat, see and do. As the former site of a world-famous brewery, there is of course plenty to drink as well.

With plenty of shops and lifestyle stores to explore as well, this is the perfect spot to spend a calm afternoon away from the busier parts of Tokyo. The area's many restaurants also make it a great spot for lunch or dinner.

Don't Miss

  • The Museum of Yebisu Beer, which also offers tastings
  • Dozens of fine dining and shopping options
  • The Tokyo Photographic Art Museum

How to Get There

Yebisu Garden Place is a short moving sidewalk ride away from the Yamanote Line's Ebisu Station, and also close to Ebisu Station on the Hibiya subway line.

Quick Facts

Ebisu Station was originally built for transporting beer

Features beautiful cherry blossoms in spring and stunning illumination displays in winter

Layers of allure

You'll feel at ease at this airy and well-planned plaza with its beautiful fountains and flowers that adorn the shopping and dining areas. The open design has a European feel, reinforced by the magnificent Le Chateau de Joel Robuchon restaurant offering world-class cuisine.

The Tokyo Photographic Art Museum is the only museum of its kind in Japan dedicated to photography and video. Movie lovers might also want to take in a film at Yebisu Garden Cinema, which focuses on indie films. The plaza plays host to frequent events as well.

Bricks and brews

A primary attraction here is the original Yebisu Brewery, from which this part of town derived its name, and is also one of Tokyo's rare red brick buildings. You'll also find the Museum of Yebisu Beer, opened in celebration of the beer's 120th birthday. You'll get to learn about the brewery's history, and of course sample a bit of their premium brew.

Stay on site

The best way to take advantage of the fine offerings and European atmosphere of Garden Place is to stay there. Book a room at the five-star Westin Tokyo Hotel and Yebisu Garden Place is right at your doorstep.

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