Mt. Mihara 三原山

Mt Mihara
Mt Mihara

An active volcano and officially part of Tokyo

Mt Mihara forms the center of Izu Oshima Island . Rising 758 meters above the surrounding landscape the volcano was revered by residents for thousands of years as a sacred site. Although the volcano is active and erupts periodically every 30 to 40 years, the site is carefully monitored, and is a popular hiking spot.

Quick Facts

Visitors can hire horses to explore the mountain on horseback

Hiking trails abound

How to Get There

During busy seasons there are regular buses to the trailhead from the port. Reaching the summit takes 45 minutes on foot from Mihara-sanchoguchi Bus Stop.

Dramatic, not dangerous

This dramatic site has been referenced multiple times in Japanese fiction, including where the Japanese government supposedly imprisoned Godzilla. Visit for yourself and discover a volcanic landscape quite unlike the other Tokyo Islands .

Mt Mihara has shaped the landscape around it

Take a horseback ride to Urasabaku

See the Urasabaku, a field of black sand created by the scoria spat out by the volcano during its eruptions. Visit on horseback for a different perspective on this interesting site.

Enjoy a horseback ride through volcanic scenery

Ohachimegumi hiking trail runs around the crater and makes for a dramatic walk. Upon completion of your journey, relax at the Miharaya Onsen hot spring baths and refresh after a long and active day.

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