Kitanomaru Park 北の丸公園

kitanomaru park kitanomaru park
kitanomaru park kitanomaru park

A natural, cultural and historical oasis in central Tokyo

Once the residence of the powerful Tokugawa clan, this woodland park has been a haven for walkers, couples and visitors since opening to the public in 1969.

The park encompasses the Budokan, famous as a martial arts training center and concert venue. Nearby is the National Museum of Modern Art and its craft gallery as well as the Showa Memorial Museum.

How to Get There

The most convenient entrance to the park is from the Kudanshita side, through the Tayasumon Gate, just a two-minute walk from Kudanshita Station on the Tozai, Hanzomon and Shinjuku subway lines.

Nature, history and culture in one place

Once part of the Edo Castle grounds, the park retains several original gates and sections of the moat. The pond is the focal point of Kitanomaru, and a small brook plays hide-and-seek among the trees. If you need a culture fix, check out the National Museum of Modern Art or the science museum housed within.

A vision of cherry blossoms and autumn leaves

During the spring, Kitanomaru Park is a wonderful spot for a picnic under pink cherry blossoms or for gazing at the rowboats floating in the moat (and you can rent a rowboat if you like). Toward the west side of the park you'll find Momiji-en, a garden of maple trees that turn fiery red in the fall. Around the pond are several huge gingko trees adorned with bright golden leaves from late November to early December.

A wide variety of wild birds

Keep your eyes open for the local wildlife, since the garden is also a wild bird sanctuary, with lots of berry-laden trees and bushes scattered around to tempt feathery visitors to stay.


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