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Shimonoseki Marine Science Museum Kaikyokan 下関市立しものせき水族館「海響館」

Shimonoseki Kaikyokan Shimonoseki Kaikyokan
Shimonoseki Kaikyokan Shimonoseki Kaikyokan

Municipal Shimonoseki Aquarium "Kaikyokan"

Visit the Kaiyokan in Shimonoseki to see one of the world's largest collections of pufferfish, penguins, and dolphins on display

Spend the day at the Kaikyokan Aquarium in Shimonoseki , Yamaguchi Prefecture . See an aquarium that reproduces the beautiful tidal currents of the Kanmon Straits stretching out before your eyes. Stroll through an underwater tunnel tank with fascinating schools of sardines, Shimonoseki's representative pufferfish, dolphins, penguins, and other fish.

Quick Facts

Penguin Village, one of the largest penguin exhibit facilities, features a Subantarctic Zone where lively penguins swim in a large tank with a maximum depth of 6 meters and a water volume of 700 tons, and a Temperate Zone that recreates the wild habitat of the Humboldt penguin, where visitors can meet approximately 140 penguins of five species. Part of the temperate zone has been designated as an "Important Ex situ Breeding Site" by the Santiago Metropolitan Park of Chile.

The museum is home to one of the world's largest collections of purfferfish on display

The aquarium has the country's only full-body display of an enormous blue whale skeleton

How to Get There

Located in Shimonoseki City, the Kaikyokan Aquarium is accessible by public transportation.

Kaikyokan Aquarium is seven minutes by bus from Shimonoseki Station. From Mojiko Station, take the ferry from nearby Moji Port to Shimonoseki (5 minutes). Kaikyokan Aquarium is just a short walk from Shimonoseki Port. If arriving from out of town, take the Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen to Kokura Station and transfer to the Kagoshima Line. Kaikyokan Aquarium is a 30-minute bus ride from Shin-Shimonoseki Station.

Municipal Shimonoseki Aquarium "Kaikyokan"

Diverse creatures such as jellyfish, coral, snapping turtles, seals, and more

The aquarium exhibits a wide variety of creatures, with easy-to-understand explanations that make for interesting viewing. In addition to a large number of fish, invertabrates such as jellyfish and coral, marine mammals such as black finless porpoises (a species of whale) and largha seals can be observed.

Municipal Shimonoseki Aquarium "Kaikyokan"

Many people find the jellyfish soothing

Municipal Shimonoseki Aquarium "Kaikyokan"

A rare show featuring dolphins and sea lions

The Kaiyokan features a joint dolphin and sea lion show, where visitors can enjoy dynamic dolphin displays and varied sea lion performances, a must-see collaboration between the two species.

The aquarium also offers a program of regular and special events, including displays, and offers opportunities for visitors to interact responsibly with the animals.

Located close to Akama Shrine and Karato Market on the Shimonoseki Straits, the Kaikyokan Aquarium is the perfect place to include on your Shimonoseki itinerary.

Municipal Shimonoseki Aquarium "Kaikyokan"

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