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Kamo Aquarium 加茂水族館

Kamo Aquarium Kamo Aquarium
Kamo Aquarium Kamo Aquarium

The largest herd of jellyfish on display anywhere

Tucked away on Yamagata's Sea of Japan coastline—south of the region's most popular beach, Yunohama—is an aquarium with a remarkable story to match its exotic collection of sea creatures.

Quick Facts

Over 60 kinds of jellyfish can be found at Kamo Aquarium

The aquarium holds the Guinness World Record for the largest number of jellyfish on display

How to Get There

The aquarium is accessible by bus from Tsuruoka Station.

By bus, it takes approximately 30 minutes from Tsuruoka Station. Tsuruoka Station is on the JR Uetsu Line, 20 minutes south of Sakata.

Saved from financial disaster by jellyfish

Kamo Aquarium once faced bankruptcy, and it was forced to make drastic changes. The solution was to fill the aquarium with the largest collection of jellyfish in the world.

Over 60 varieties of jellyfish are presented in visually compelling tanks lit up to allow visitors to enjoy the range of colors and diverse features of these creatures. It is a relaxing spectacle that enhances the beauty of the translucent, mysterious specimens.

Do not be surprised if the aquarium is a little crowded when you visit. Despite its relative isolation, Kamo Aquarium receives over 500,000 visitors annually.

Seal performance

The jellyfish are not the only stars of the show. You will find sea lions on the first floor, crabs, octopus, and sharks on the second floor.

The adorable sea lions perform daily, entertaining visitors from the 1st of April to the end of November.

An exotic taste

In addition to admiring the jellyfish, visitors can eat them. Caught daily from the sea, the fresh jellyfish are prepared for a wide range of dishes, from ice cream and biscuits to ramen.

The latest information may differ, so please check the official website.


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