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Hasshoku Center 八食センター

Hasshoku center Hasshoku center
Hasshoku center Hasshoku center

A seafood experience you must see for yourself

The city of Hachinohe's Hasshoku Center is a giant seafood marketplace of over 60 stalls stocking freshly caught seafood, vegetables and other Aomori specialties. With built-in barbecue areas and various restaurants, the center doubles as a popular eating and drinking spot.

Don't Miss

  • Mix with the locals and take your purchased seafood to the barbecuer area in Shichirinmura
  • Stroll through the stalls to see Aomori's wide range of fish

How to Get There

To reach the Hasshoku Center, take the 100-yen bus from Hachinohe Station east exit. The journey should take about ten minutes.

Of utmost freshness and quality

Hasshoku Center is located on the northernmost point of Japan's main island of Honshu. The market's seafood is sourced from both the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan and arrives straight from the boats docked in nearby Hachinoe Port. Unlike Tokyo's Tsukiji Market, stalls in Hasshoku operate right through the day, but note the market is closed most Wednesdays.

Reserve your spot at the barbecue

While wandering the market provides great insight into local food culture, the beauty of the Hasshoku Center is that it offers a hands-on experience where you can buy seafood yourself and eat it in-house.

When you make your purchases, tell the fishmongers that you are taking it to Shichirinmura. This area, inside the Hasshoku Center, is an eating spot where you can rent a traditional Japanese barbecue, known as a "shichirin," to grill your seafood. The fishmongers will then prepare it for barbecuing.

The Shinchirinmura area also sells beer, sake and soft drinks. Reserving your table at lunchtime is highly recommended.

More than just fish

Stalls at the Hasshoku Center stock much more than just seafood. Enjoy an array of local fruit and vegetable produce, Aomori souvenirs, Japanese wine and much more. If you're not in the mood for cooking, enjoy a meal at one of the other center restaurants.

If you're planning to have lunch at Hasshoku Center, budget a couple of hours for your visit as there is a lot to see and choosing your catch won't be easy.

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