An active volcano in Kawayu Onsen

Sulfurous steam vents startle the senses at Mt. Iozan, an active volcano just two kilometers from the onsen town of Kawayu. You'll know when you are near by the smell of sulfur in the air.

Quick Facts

Mt. Iozan is a 512-meter high volcano sitting inside the giant Kussharo caldera

The Ainu name for Mt. Iozan is Atosanupuri, meaning naked mountain

How to Get There

Access the visitor center and parking lot by car or on foot from either the town of Kawayu Onsen (2 kilometers) or Kawayu train station (1.6 kilometers).

A number of bus services run routes from nearby towns and cities.

Take your time and explore

After sampling the hot-spring cooked eggs at the visitor center, head to the nearby town of Kawayu Onsen and heat yourself in the sulfurous waters, too.

Alternatively, look behind the Mt. Iozan visitor center for the start of a peaceful forest stroll that will take you to beautiful Kawayu Station, which is also an excellent spot for lunch.

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