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Kamuiwakka Hot Falls カムイワッカ湯の滝

Kamuiwakka Falls Kamuiwakka Falls
Kamuiwakka Falls Kamuiwakka Falls

A hot springs waterfall flowing from the mountains

Hot spring water emerges from the side of Mt. Io, an active volcano, and mingles with a freshwater river to create a unique outdoor onsen experience at Kamuiwakka Hot Falls.

How to Get There

By car, drive 60 kilometers from Shari town and 24 kilometers from Utoro. The last 11 kilometers takes you down a wide gravel road, so you will have to drive slowly.

Shuttle buses run during selected periods to the falls from Shari bus terminal, Utoro onsen bus terminal, the Shiretoko Nature Center, or the Shiretoko Five Lakes.

When the road is closed to cars, access is by shuttle bus only.

Kamuiwakka Hot Falls is closed from early November to early June due to heavy snow.

Earning your bath

When you arrive at Kamuiwakka River, get ready for a short clamber up the river to reach the first of four waterfalls. In the warm pool at the base, you can have your hard-earned soak in the volcanic waters surrounded by lush green forest. Wear a swimsuit, or just wade in the shallows if you forgot to bring one.

This area is regularly visited by bears, so pay attention to the local ranger's advice.

Around Kamuiwakka Hot Falls

The Kamuiwakka Hot Falls are situated in the heart of the Shiretoko National Park , a Japanese UNESCO World Heritage site . For stunning views of the Shiretoko mountains, go to the picturesque Shiretoko Five Lakes and the Shiretoko Pass. Get information on flora and fauna plus various walks and hikes at the Shiretoko Nature Center. For even better views, try a sightseeing boat departing from Utoro or Rausu.

* The information on this page may be subject to change due to COVID-19.


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