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Tobetsu Trappist Monastery 当別トラピスト修道院

Tobetsu Trappist Monastery Tobetsu Trappist Monastery
Tobetsu Trappist Monastery Tobetsu Trappist Monastery

A tranquil setting for a monastery with delicious Trappist-made food

Amid farmland and forest at the western end of Hakodate Bay, the monks of Tobetsu Trappist Monastery live a self-sufficient life of prayer and contemplation.

Because the monastery is a closed community, visitors only get a glimpse of the monastic life, but the beautiful surroundings still make Tobetsu worth the visit.

Quick Facts

The Order of Cisterians of the Strict Observance, as Trappists are formally known, is a Roman Catholic contemplative religious order

Tobetsu, which is one of two Trappist monasteries and five Trappistine convents in Japan, was established in 1896

The monks start their day at 3:30 a.m. and retire at 8 p.m.

How to Get There

The monastery is accessible by train followed by a walk from the station.

From Hakodate Station, take a South Hokkaido Railway train to Oshima-Tobetsu Station. The monastery is a 30-minute walk from there. If traveling by car, you can reach the monastery from Hakodate in about 40 minutes via the coast road to Tobetsu.

Butter and cookies

To support their way of life, the monks grow their own fruit and vegetables and sell homemade butter, jam, and cookies. Trappist butter cookies, which you can buy at the shop outside the monastery, are among Hokkaido's most popular souvenirs. Don't miss the heavenly ice cream, served with a butter cookie.

The beautiful red-brick buildings of the Tobetsu Trappist Monastery contrast with the lush green surroundings

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