Hita 日田エリア

Hita Area Hita Area
Hita Area Hita Area

A hot spring town along the Mikuma River

Relax, learn about the area's historical merchant past, and taste some local shochu, a Japanese alcohol, in this city in central northern Kyushu.

Don't miss

  • The row of ancient buildings near the hot spring resort
  • Dining on a leisure boat in Suikyo, the riverside district
  • Watching cormorant fishing from the banks of the Mikuma River

How to Get There

A 60-minute train ride from Yufuin.

Yufuin Station is served by the Kyudai main line, which is accessible from Beppu, Aso, and Kumamoto.

From Yufuin Station, take the local train to Hita Station, which takes about 60 minutes.

Blessed with mineral-rich waters

There are a number of hot spring inns along the banks of the Mikuma River, with natural hot spring baths boasting health benefits.

Many ryokan rent out yukata, Japanese summer kimonos, and geta, Japanese sandals, to female guests. Choose from a wide variety of colors and prints.

Mameda Town

The Mameda area is home to some of the oldest merchant houses and storehouses in Japan.

Stroll along historic streets untouched by time. Dating from the late 17th century, the Kusano house is the oldest house in Oita Prefecture. The Tenryo Hita Museum has exhibits that show the culture of common people in the area during the 17th and 18th centuries.

Iichiko Hita Distillery

This distillery is a producer of raw sake for Iichiko shochu, an alcoholic drink made from potatoes. Brewing only barley malt for both primary and secondary preparations, the staff members then age the alcohol slowly in oak barrels and hollow tanks, creating shochu with a deep flavor.

You can understand the processes involved in brewing on a tour of the factory, taste some samples, and browse the products at the shop.

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