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Fujisan World Heritage Center 富士山世界遺産センター

Showcasing Mt. Fuji as a World Heritage site

The Fujisan World Heritage Center is a celebration of Mt. Fuji , with traditional artwork, a huge sculpture that depicts the mountain in 3D, videos showing the ascent of the mountain, and even an augmented reality display, which guests can enjoy by downloading an application onto their smartphone.

The center mixes tradition with new technology, so that people of all ages can appreciate this quintessentially Japanese landmark.

Quick Facts

The 3D model of Mt. Fuji in the center is 15 meters wide

If climbing the mountain is too much work, watch a short time-lapse video of someone making the ascent

How to Get There

You can reach the center by train and then bus, or by private car.

It is only a five-minute bus ride from Kawaguchiko Station.

If driving, the Chuo Expressway Kawaguchiko Interchange is only 300 meters away, while the Fujiyoshida Interchange is only 600 meters away.

The iconic peak

Mt. Fuji is Japan's highest peak, topping off at an impressive 3,776 meters in height. Pilgrimages to the summit have been made for centuries.

Its beauty was shown to the world through woodblock prints that ended up overseas, with artists like Hiroshige and Hokusai depicting the mountain in all its glory.

The center's main displays

The Fujisan World Heritage Center is divided into two large areas. The South Hall explores Mt. Fuji's relationship with the surrounding environment, and how the local populace have long revered and depended on the mountain.

The North Hall offers free advice and general information about the mountain and surrounding area. If you are looking for fun day trips, or are even planning on conquering the peak, stop here to get some expert tips and help in planning your excursions.

The extensive library

One of the center's most impressive additions is the Fujisan Library. The mountain has inspired a long list of creative thinkers, including poets, artists, novelists and filmmakers, and the library houses books and collections inspired by and centered on Mount Fuji .

The library prides itself in offering works for every demographic, so no matter how old you are there should be something age appropriate.

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