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Mt. Horaiji 鳳来寺山

Mt Horai-ji-san Area Mt Horai-ji-san Area
Mt Horai-ji-san Area Mt Horai-ji-san Area

An area of unspoiled natural beauty and tranquil spiritualism

A place where Japanese nature and mysticism mixes together, Mt. Horaiji sits in a stunning area which is a top choice on any fall colors lover's agenda.

How to Get There

Mt. Horai is accessible by local bus from Hon-Nagashino Station and the S Bus Yuya Onsen Mokkulu Shinshiro Line.

From Nagoya Station, you can take the shinkansen to Toyohashi Station and transfer to the JR Iida Line to Hon-Nagashino Station. For those without the JR Rail pass, the cheapest route to Toyohashi is on the Meitetsu line from Meitetsu Nagoya Station.

Quick Facts

Horaiji Temple located on the mountain was built in 703 and is believed to have curative powers

Mt. Horaiji is 695 meters tall

Natural sights and sounds

Strap up your walking boots and head to Mt. Horaiji if you want a firsthand experience of the bond between nature and divinity that underpins Japanese religion.

Climbing the 1,425 stone steps that lead from the main approach halfway up the mountain to Horaiji Temple takes you through ancient cedar and cypress trees said to be the habitat of the Japanese scops owl, the hoot of which is ‘bu-po-so' which, rather fittingly for this area steeped in spirituality, sounds like a combination of the local abbreviations for Buddha, sutra, and priest.

An autumnal festival and stunning views

Horaiji Temple sits below an extraordinary sheer cliff face, and in the autumn you can look out into the valley below and savor the stunning sight of the turning maple trees.

In the latter half of November, you should definitely attend Horaiji Maple Festival that stages all manner of events and sells many local specialties that make excellent souvenirs.

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