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Chichibugahama Beach 父母ヶ浜

Chichibugahama Beach Chichibugahama Beach
Chichibugahama Beach Chichibugahama Beach

A beach likened to the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia with breathtaking photos opportunities—a hot topic on Instagram

A beach that reflects the heavens of Mitoyo City, Kagawa. “Chichibugahama” translates literally as father-mother beach. Here, the heavenly sky reflects against the shores of mother earth in a resplendent “union” and breath-taking display of nature. These reflections, coined the “mirror of the heavens,” appear in full beauty during the early evening on days when there is no wind, offering stunning shutter opportunities when timed right.

Don't Miss

  • With the right timing, visitors can catch the dramatic red twilight sky on a clear day
  • Snap a photo in the tide pool and look like you're floating on the sea
  • Local volunteers who keep the beach tidy will happily help you take photos

How to Get There

Takamatsu City is the gateway to Kagawa. From Takamatsu Station, take the JR Yosan Line for one hour to JR Takuma Station. From Takuma Station, it's a 20-minute taxi or bus ride with public buses.

Private companies also offer direct shuttle services (with advanced reservation).

Quick Facts

The one-kilometer-long stretch of Chichibugahama Beach is bustling with bathers in the summer

Take a break and enjoy the ocean view at beachside cafes and coffee stands

A wind-free evening with low tides is the perfect time to catch the mirrored sky

Magnificent spot for enjoying the sunset

Mitoyo City is nestled in Kagawa of Shikoku Island—an area rich in pristine seas, rolling mountains, and luscious countryside. The northern part of the city sits on the peninsula, jutting out into the Seto Inland Sea, and is home to sweeping coastlines with spectacular sunsets, and Chichibugahama Beach in particular is a prime location to catch the photogenic views of the “mirrors of the sky.”

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The shallows waters of Chichibugahama Beach recede several hundred meters during low tide, creating numerous mirror-like tide pools along the wide sandy beach. The famed “mirrors of the heavens” appear at low tide on a clear evening when the winds tend to die down (known as Seto-no-Yunagi) and the tide pools settle into stillness. At this time, the tide pools transform into natural “mirrors” that vividly reflect the clouds and people along the shore. On a clear evening the sunset adds an extra depth of beauty to the reflections.

Be sure to go after checking low-tide times beforehand

The ideal times for seeing Chichibugahama Beach are listed on the Mitoyo Tourism and Exchange Authority website in English and traditional Chinese. To catch the resplendent color transformations, we recommend arriving 30 minutes to one hour before sunset. The best time for photography is at sunset during low tide and after the wind has stopped.

Things to pack and keep in mind for the occasion

As you can imagine, walking in tide pools will quickly get your feet wet and dirty. Packing flip-flops for the summer and rain boots or shoes that can get dirty for the winter, as well as a towel, is high on the recommendation list. Local volunteers have been cleaning up Chichibugahama Beach regularly for a long time to keep the beach pristine and beautiful. Please show your respect and help by taking your trash home with you.

A hot cup of coffee over sunset

The general information center at Chichibugahama Port along the beach has shower rooms and terrace seating. There is also a great selection of coffee stands and cafes along the beachfront where visitors can unwind and fully take in the striking sunset.

Enjoying island tours in the Seto Inland Sea is also a good idea

For the slightly more adventurous, a visit to some of the many islands that dot the Seto Inland Sea, such as Shishi-jima Island , Nekonoshima Island and Sanagijima Island, will fill any blank spaces in your itinerary or list of things to see. Other exciting attractions include a Zentsuji Temple on the 88 temples of the ancient Shikoku pilgrimage route, Kotohiragu Shrine, and the Kotohiki Park .

* The information on this page may be subject to change due to COVID-19.

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