Kasai 葛西エリア

Kasai Rinkai-koen Park
Kasai Rinkai-koen Park

Tokyo's Little India

While Tokyo tends to be an expensive place to live, the Kasai area is popular for those on a budget. Shopping malls and Little India are great places to find a bargain in the Kasai area.

Quick Facts

Swagat Indian Bazaar contains all the Indian spices you could ever need

Kasai Rinkai Park contains an aqaurium and ferris wheel

How to Get There

There are a few stations in Kasai area: Nishi-Kasai Station and Kasai Station are Tokyo Metro stations on the Tozai Line, and Kasai-Rinkai Koen Station is on the JR Keiyo Line.

An inexpensive and interesting place

The Kasai area is in the eastern part of Tokyo, nestled between the Arakawa River, the Edo River and Tokyo Bay. The area is popular with tourists for its inexpensive attractions, shopping and dining.

Tokyo's Little India

A large number of Tokyo's Indian residents live in the Kasai area, earning it the nickname of Tokyo's Little India. As such, you can find reasonably priced Indian restaurants in abundance. Drop into one of the local stores to buy authentic Indian ingredients.

Kasai's best park

Kasai Rinkai Park is a great place for relaxing in fine weather. Seasonal events draw the crowds, as does the aquarium and Ferris wheel that overlooks the park.


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