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Senjojiki (Yamaguchi) 千畳敷

Senjojiki Senjojiki
Senjojiki Senjojiki

Ocean views from a vast sea of grass

Facing the Sea of Japan, the grassland area known as Senjojiki commands a beautiful view of the waters. Feel the sea breeze as you look out towards the vast horizon.

Quick Facts

The view from Senjojiki across the Sea of Japan is breathtaking

Combine with a trip to Motonosumi Inari-jinja Shrine

How to Get There

Best accessed by private car, or train and taxi.

The easiest way to get to Senjojiki is by rent-a-car, or by taxi. Senjojiki is 10 minutes by taxi from JR Nagato Furuichi Station. If you arrive by car, Senjojiki is one hour from the Mine interchange on the Chugoku Expressway. Combine with a visit to Motonosumi Inari-jinja Shrine , famous for its 123 red torii gates, just five kilometers away.

A site of natural beauty

Senjojiki is so named because its vastness made people think of 1000 tatami mats spread out. The 26,400 square meters of unspoiled grasslands that comprise Senjojiki present one of the most stunning natural spots in Yamaguchi .

Blue skies and an endless horizon in summer

A romantic spot to watch the sunset

Green power

Thanks to its location overlooking the Sea of Japan, this site is a prime spot for green power generation, and there are a large number of windmills nearby, constantly turning in the sea breeze. See the stars and watch the lights on the fishing boats far out to sea at night.

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