Shimizu Park 清水公園

Shimizu Park
Shimizu Park

Make a splash, play and explore at this fun family park

Shimizu Park is a sprawling 280,000 square meters of lush greenery that offers both natural beauty and many activities for kids and adults alike.

How to Get There

Shimizu Park is a 10-minute walk from Shimizu-koen Station.

From Tokyo, take a Joban Line train to Kashiwa Station and transfer to the Tobu Urban Park Line. From there, it takes about 30 minutes to Shimuzu-koen Station.

Quick Facts

  • Shimizu Park was established in 1894 on land owned by a soy sauce merchant family
  • There are camping and BBQ facilities for longer stays

Perfect for all seasons

The park has spectacular natural displays in all seasons, from cherry blossoms in spring to hydrangeas, irises, and roses in summer and of course, red and gold leaves in autumn. There are landscaped gardens and strolling paths under arches of seasonal greenery.

Autumn at Shimizu Park

Shimizu Park's blooming spring flowers

Also full of fun

The park isn't just about peaceful strolls among blooming flowers. It has an adventure park and fun activities for kids to enjoy. There are over 100 "activity points" that offer fun challenges for all ages.

The obstacle course has wooden structures and rope structures for you to jump on, climb on, swing from, and slide down. Bring a change of clothes because a fall into the water is pretty much inevitable.

More than a day out

Other activities include obstacle courses, boat rides, a field athletics course, mazes, pony rides, an animal farm, a fishing pond, camping, food vendors, and seasonal festivals. There are over a hundred activities to enjoy and a whole day isn't nearly enough time to enjoy them all. Kids will want to return again and again.


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