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Sado Island Taiko Centre 佐渡太鼓体験交流館「たたこう館」

Immerse yourself in the sounds of traditional Japanese drumming

Sado Island is renowned for its annual Earth Celebration festival which draws heavily on the traditional art of Japanese drumming known as taiko. Head to the Sado Island Taiko Centre to learn more about taiko, take lessons, and see drumming professionals at work.

Don't miss:

  • A hands-on experience playing the taiko drums
  • Watching professional Kodo troupe members play the Odaiko, huge drums carved from zelkova logs

How to Get There

After taking a ferry or hydrofoil ride from mainland Niigata, reach the center by bus or car. By bus, take the Shukunegi Line to the Taiko Taiken Koryukan stop and you'll be right at the center when you get off. By car, it's about 10-minutes from Ogi Port. The center is closed on Mondays (When Monday is a public holiday, the center will be closed on Tuesday instead).

Drumming to your own beat

You can learn all about the taiko at the Sado Island Taiko Centre, but it is possible to play the instrument via a "hands-on" taiko experience, too. After watching the professional instructors, you will have the opportunity to play small and larger taiko drums made from cowhide skins and zelkova trees. Drum sticks come in various sizes.

Most visitors to the center will have no prior experience of playing the taiko, but the instructors are open and have slogans for visitors to easily remember the songs. English language assistance is also available.

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