The Hall of Awa Japanese Handmade Paper 阿波和紙伝統産業会館

Learn how traditional Japanese paper is made

This hands-on facility lets you see how the traditional hand-crafted paper of Tokushima is made and provides workshops to make your own.

Quick Facts

Tokushima paper has been made since 700 A.D.

Awa washi paper is used by the world's leading artists

Japanese paper is durable and lasts longer than commercial paper

How to Get There

The facility is about a 15-minute walk from Awayamakawa Station on the JR Tokushima Line.

Follow the paper trail

The tradition of Japanese handmade paper, or washi, in Awa (present-day Tokushima) began around 700 A.D. and reached its peak in the Meiji era (1868-1912). You can learn more about Awa washi at this non-profit museum, which was established in 1989 to preserve the techniques and skills of Awa washi for future generations.

Produce your own paper

The facility includes a hands-on area where you can learn how traditional Japanese paper is made by making your own. For a nominal fee, the papermaking workshop allows you to try your hand at making your own postcards or even regular letter-sized sheets of paper in just about an hour.

Draw inspiration from the 2nd-floor gallery

There is also a gallery space upstairs where you can find displays of handmade paper from around the world and examine special exhibitions that change every one to two months.

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