Ohori Park 大濠公園

Ohori Park
Ohori Park

A green expanse with a large lake, special running track and little islands for lovers

Ohori Park is a beautiful old park located in the center of Fukuoka not far from Tenjin . The centerpiece of the park is its lake, around which the entire park is arranged, and it also has a dedicated running track, a museum and paddle boats.

How to Get There

The park is a five-minute subway ride from Tenjin Station or a 12-minute ride from Hakata Station to Ohorikoen Station. From there, follow the signs to Ohori Park.

A historic park

Ohori Park was inspired by West Lake in Hangzhou City in China. Running across the center of the lake are three islands connected by bridges and a narrow, wooded path. The islands are lit up every evening in dramatic colors and are popular spots for couples.

Runners are welcome

If you enjoy running, Ohori Park is the place for you. The park has a dedicated, specially surfaced two-kilometer running track that is in use around the clock. In October and November, during marathon season, it's packed with runners training for November's Fukuoka Marathon.

A leisurely park

There are several cafes located within the park, and many more just outside its borders, so it's easy to while away time relaxing here.

Don't forget the museum and the garden

Within the park is the Fukuoka Art Museum (closed for renovations until March 2019). The museum has an excellent collection of art and sculptures, including works by Dali and Miro. Opposite the museum is a small pay-to-enter Japanese garden, which contains teahouses, a stone garden, and a small pond.

Water and fire

Swan-shaped paddle boats and small rowing boats can be rented from a stall near the Ohorikoen Subway Station entrance to the park, and a large fireworks display is held in the park in early August each year.


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