Taku Seibyo Confucian Temple 多久聖廟

Taku Seibyo Taku Seibyo
Taku Seibyo Taku Seibyo

The oldest Confucian temple in Japan

During the Edo period (1603-1867), the Tokugawa shogunate incorporated Neo-Confucianism into governance and education. While some of those values remain, overall, it is surprising to see such a limited representation of Confucian influence.

However, some temples still stand, and Taku Seibyo, located in Taku City, is said to be the oldest extant Confucian temple in Japan.

Quick Facts

Taku Seibyo, built in 1708, has been designated an Important Cultural Property

It is one of the three major Confucian temples in Japan

The temple was built by the city's fourth domain lord, Shigefumi Taku, who was known to be passionate about education and culture

How to Get There

From Saga Station, take the JR Karatsu Line to Taku Station.

The trip is around 35 minutes. From there, the most convenient means to reach the temple is by taxi, which takes approximately 10 minutes.

Stumbling upon something obscure

Taku Seibyo is located in a scenic park area; you can plan an afternoon around visiting the temple. Taku Seibyo's isolation gives you the feeling that you have stumbled upon something obscure.

The Taku Seibyo Temple Spring Sekisai Festival, held each year on April 18 as a tribute to the philosophy of Confucius, is carried out through various ceremonies, including a dance conducted in Ming Dynasty-style attire.

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