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Wakasa Benzaiten (Ejima-jinja Shrine) 若桜弁財天

Wakasa Benzaiten (Ejima-jinja Shrine) Wakasa Benzaiten (Ejima-jinja Shrine)
Wakasa Benzaiten (Ejima-jinja Shrine) Wakasa Benzaiten (Ejima-jinja Shrine)

A forest shrine dedicated to a water goddess

A secluded shrine set deep within the mountains, part of the fun in reaching Wakasa Benzaiten is the journey through an incredibly beautiful forest of tall trees and moss-covered rocks. Visit this shrine and pray for success in business and matters of the heart.

How to Get There

The shrine is best reached by rental car.

Alternatively, you can walk two kilometers from Wakasa Station. Reach Wakasa by train from Tottori City in around 50 minutes. The Wakasa railway line starts at Koge and runs for the last 30 minutes of your journey.

Location is key

Most shrines dedicated to the goddess Benzaiten are usually found near water such as lakes or near the seashore, yet Wakasa Benzaiten is different. The shrine's unusual location speaks of links to Shugendo, a form of mountain asceticism which combines Buddhism and Shinto beliefs. A trip to the shrine can be combined with a visit to the nearby former castle town of Wakasa or Mt. Hyono.

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