Oki Islands Underwater Sightseeing (Amanbow) Boat 海中展望船あまんぼう

Amanbow Amanbow
Amanbow Amanbow

Explore a magical undersea universe aboard a unique boat

Underwater Viewing Boat Amanbow is a cruise that offers scenic views under the crystal-clear waters of the Sea of Japan, surrounding the Oki Islands .

How to Get There

The Amanbow leaves from the dock that is adjacent to the Hishiura Ferry Terminal in Ama on Nakanoshima Island.

The cruises operate between April 1 and October 31, weather permitting.

Magnificent rock formations

As you approach the Amanbow, you are struck by what an unusual shape it has. At the start of the journey, you are invited to sit on the open deck as it heads out into the turquoise waters of the channel between Nakanoshima and Nishinoshima. Inlets and islets pass by as you head towards Saburoiwa, a group of three rock pinnacles that appear as one, rising out of the water.

Undersea views from a safe, dry place

When the boat stops alongside Saburoiwa, you are invited down below decks. If you are expecting portholes or a glass bottom boat, you will be surprised, as the spacious hull has benches running down the middle where you can sit and look out through huge picture windows at the underwater world. Enjoy the views of fish darting by, and the shafts of sunlight streaming through the seaweed.

At the end of the day

Later, at dinner, examine your plate and see if you can recognize any of the plants and fishes that you saw earlier on the cruise.

Night-time cruises are available for star viewing and to see the strange world of underwater bioluminescence.



Photo credit: Oki Islands Tourism Association

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