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Seihakusai Dekayama Festival 青柏祭

DEKAYAMA Giant Mountains The largest floats of Japan's festival DEKAYAMA Giant Mountains The largest floats of Japan's festival
DEKAYAMA Giant Mountains The largest floats of Japan's festival DEKAYAMA Giant Mountains The largest floats of Japan's festival

An extraordinary festival boasting giant wooden floats

The three-day Seihakusai Dekayama Festival in Nanao on Ishikawa's Noto Peninsula displays the biggest wooden floats in Japan. Watch as the beautiful 20-ton floats are maneuvered through the narrow streets of this picturesque fishing village along Nanao bay.

Don't Miss

  • The three floats gathering at Nanao Fisherman's Wharf
  • Tsuji-mawashi, the turning of the floats

How to Get There

Express JR trains connect Kanazawa and Nanao in 60 minutes.

There are also flights from Tokyo to Noto's small airport. From the airport, you can either rent a car or use the taxi service, which must be reserved by the day before.

Quick Facts

Dekayama means giant mountain

Held in spring during the Japanese holiday Golden Week from May 3 to 5

The floats are 12 meters tall and weigh 20 tons

Gorgeous wooden floats

During the Seihakusai Dekayama Festival, volunteers of the city pull three giant floats with large thick ropes, each from a different district of Nanao, to the town center. The floats are flamboyantly decorated, and the upper part of the floats display scenes from famous Kabuki theater plays. You can even lend a hand and help pull these massive structures.

Nimble movement and fun festivities

Don't miss the remarkable way that the townspeople turn the floats 90 degrees in the middle of the streets, called tsuji-mawashi, one of the most spectacular events of the Seihakusai Dekayama Festival. There are also plenty of food stalls selling tasty street food.

Things to do in Nanao

There are many things to see and do around Nanao. Stop by Shirai, Nanao's famous kelp shop, where you can see varieties of kelp harvested from the nearby waters. Consider taking the Noto Satoyama Satoumi-go, a scenic train from Nanao to Anamizu for views of the coastline. In August you can see another exciting festival, the Issaki Hoto Festival.

* The information on this page may be subject to change due to COVID-19.

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