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Konomiya Hadaka Matsuri (Naked Man Festival) 裸祭り

Konomiya Hadaka Matsuri (Naked Man Festival) Konomiya Hadaka Matsuri (Naked Man Festival)
Konomiya Hadaka Matsuri (Naked Man Festival) Konomiya Hadaka Matsuri (Naked Man Festival)

A festival of 9,000 semi-naked men with one common goal: to touch god

On Lunar New Year, believers and thousands of men wearing loincloths gather at Owari Okunitama-jinja Shrine (Konomiya-jinja Shrine), in the normally quiet Aichi city of Inazawa, to pray for good luck.

Quick Facts

The festival takes place annually on the 13th day of the lunar calendar, so it always changes dates in February or March

Its origins can be traced back about 1,250 years as a way of combatting plague and pestilence

How to Get There

Konomiya Hadaka Matsuri is accessible by train.

From Kanayama Station in Nagoya , take the Meitetsu Line to Konomiya Station. From here it's less than ten minutes to Owari Okunitama-jinja Shrine (Konomiya-jinja Shrine), where the event is held.

A naked festival

Start the day by watching teams from all over the city wear no more protection from the winter chill than a loincloth and a few swigs of fortifying sake as they parade through the town.

Gather with the other spectators along the passage to Konomiya-jinja Shrine and cheer as the local groups demonstrate their strength and dexterity carrying large bamboo poles (called "naoi-zasa"), hurrying them into the shrine.

Winter chill, icy water, and a semi-deity

As the sun goes down, you may begin to feel the chill, but not nearly as much as those still wearing loincloths and being cannoned by buckets of icy water. But still they will be shouting their rallying cry as they await the appearance of the shin-otoko "god-man."

The shin-otoko

One man is chosen to be the shin-otoko, and for days leading up to the festival is kept in solitude and prayer. Finally, he's shaved from head to toe, and on the day of the festival he is sent out into the crowds wearing nothing at all. Upon his arrival, watch on as the thousands of semi-naked men strive to touch the shin-otoko to transfer their future misfortune on to him. Finally, the god-man will be pulled into the shrine building, as you and the thousands of other supporters cheer on the success.

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Konomiya Hadaka Matsuri (Naked Man Festival)
Konomiya Hadaka Matsuri (Naked Man Festival)
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