Little World Museum of Man リトルワールド

Little World Museum of Man Little World Museum of Man
Little World Museum of Man Little World Museum of Man

Around the world in less than a day

Set in the city of Inuyama's hilly surroundings, the Little World Museum of Man in Aichi Prefecture is an open-air museum that celebrates cultures from all over the planet. Its various exhibitions focus on aspects such as evolution, communication, human relationships and spirituality, and artists come here from all over the world to play ethnic music and perform acrobatics and dances.

Quick Facts

You'll find cultures from over 20 countries represented here

You can try on traditional clothing from France, Germany, Korea and Okinawa, among others

How to Get There

You can get to Inuyama from Nagoya by Meitetsu train in around 30 minutes.

From there, board a Gifu Community bus that will get you to Little World in about 20 minutes.

See where and how the world lives

This open-air museum brings together many different facets of various cultures to create a fun-filled experience that all the family will enjoy.

Walking down a two-and-a-half-kilometer path, you'll come across a Korean farmhouse, an opulent Peruvian home, a Burkinabe compound, a Swedish Sami tent, and many other traditional dwellings.

Eating and learning together

Along the route there are plenty of restaurants and food stalls serving delicious cuisine from around the world, as well as traditional ethnic costumes that you can dress up in. There are also shops selling folk crafts, sweets and other products from Asia, Latin America, Europe, and more.

An audio guide map is available in English, Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean so you can learn all about the cultures of the countries you "visit."

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