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Mt. Seppiko 雪彦山

Mount Seppiko Mount Seppiko
Mount Seppiko Mount Seppiko

Vertical rocky crags make for a popular climbing and hiking spot north of Himeji City

To the north of Himeji City lies Mt. Seppiko, a collection of vertical craggy peaks that attract rock climbers from across the Kansai region. The mountain is one of the Kinki 100 Famous Japanese mountains and has an excellent hiking trail.

Quick Facts

The name is applied to a group of peaks, the exact number of which is unclear

This is a sacred training ground for ascetic monks, and some parts are still off-limits to women

How to Get There

Mt. Seppiko is best accessed by private transport.

From Himeji Station, take the number 51 bus to Maenosho and transfer to the community bus to Yamanouchi which is within five kilometers of the base of the mountain.

A mountain that challenges mind and body

Mt. Seppiko is a relatively difficult hike, with several chained sections that lead hikers up to the rocky crags at the top. Although the route is only six kilometers, it has an elevation change of just under 700 meters. The mountain is a popular summer escape due to its cool forests and relative proximity to Himeji.

The mountain is also one of the three San-hiko-san mountains and is a holy spot for the practice of Shugendo Buddhism. As such, there are several places on the mountain where it is forbidden for women to enter. In the middle of the mountain is Kaya Jinja, which was established in the seventh century.

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