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Kamihaga Residence 木蠟資料館上芳我邸

Kamihaga Residence Kamihaga Residence
Kamihaga Residence Kamihaga Residence

A wax museum and home of Japan's prime purveyors of candles and other wax products

Visit the stunning former home and workshop of the Kamihaga family, a major branch of the Honhaga clan, Japan's foremost wax producers during the Meiji era (1868-1912). Learn about traditional wax-making processes at the Kamihaga Residence and gain insight into the pivotal changes that occurred in Japan at the turn of the 20th century.

Don't Miss

  • Buying a candle from one of the artisans in the Yokaichi Old Town area
  • Spotting the unusual features of the residence, including the 16 locks on the front gate set to stymie farmers' revolts
  • Taking a break in the teahouse and enjoying the surrounding Japanese gardens

How to Get There

From Uchiko Station, take the retro Chagamaru Bus to the Kamihaga Residence. Alternatively, you can walk from Uchiko Station in 20 or 30 minutes.

Refined Japanese design

The residence is full of unique, interesting features. With large wooden beams and simple tatami rooms, this residence is a perfect example of Japanese design.

However, as you explore, note the family portraits done in oils and other items that signal the beginning of western influence in Japan.

Merchants of Uchiko in Paris

When the Honhaga clan took Uchiko wax to the Paris World Expo in 1900, it became an instant hit. The level of craftsmanship in Honhaga's wax products amazed Europeans.

Learn all about the prosperity and production of wax in Uchiko at the wax museum in the Kamihaga Residence. Needs to be localised in all languages, as said by a reviser. While all displays are in English, you will probably leave with a great insight into this fascinating part of Japanese culture and history.

Waxing lyrical and nutty

Head to the nearby Omori Candle Shop to get your own original souvenir. If you time it right, you may even get to see the candles being made by the master craftsman at the store. Wax made from locally sourced nuts is repeatedly layered onto a wick during the production process.

More bang for your buck

Buy your ticket for the Kamihaga Residence in conjunction with tickets for Uchikoza Kabuki Theater and the Uchiko History Museum.

* The information on this page may be subject to change due to COVID-19.

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