Yokaichi Gokoku Preservation District 八日市・護国町並保存センタ

Youkaichi Gokoku Streetscape Preservation Center
Youkaichi Gokoku Streetscape Preservation Center

Step back in time and glimpse a Japan of 200 years ago

When Uchiko was a flourishing town of wax, paper, and raw silk production in the 18th century, many beautiful residences were built in the Yokaichi Gokoku area. These have remained intact, inhabited, and mostly unchanged in the years since and have been painstakingly preserved so that they can be enjoyed to this day.

How to Get There

Uchiko is easily accessible from Matsuyama City and makes a perfect day trip from Ehime's capital.

Take a JR Yosan Line Uwakai Limited Express train to Uchiko from JR Matsuyama Station. The Yokaichi Gokoku Preservation Center is a 20-minute walk from JR Uchiko Station. You can also rent a bicycle from a gift shop next to the station or take the Chagamaru Retro Bus on weekends and holidays.

Preservation of the area

It is thanks to the residents and their ongoing maintenance of Yokaichi and Gokoku that you can view this unique historic townscape. The preservation center details the history and origins of the conservation of this area. You can see how the buildings were initially constructed and the tools used to do so.

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