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Ryujin Suspension Bridge 竜神大吊橋

mito area mito area
mito area mito area

Bungee jump from one of the longest walkable suspension bridges on Honshu

The Ryujin Suspension Bridge in Ibaraki Prefecture offers a unique and breathtaking experience. You're 100 meters above the yawning gorge below and mist-shrouded Ryujin Lake. In every direction are views of the green, tree-covered hills and above you nothing but sky.

Quick Facts

The views from the middle of the bridge are incredible

You can bungee jump from the suspension bridge

Festivals are held throughout the year

How to Get There

You can reach the bridge with a combination of train and bus.

Take the JR Joban Line from Ueno Station. At Mito, change to the JR Suigun Line and take it to Hitachi Ota Station. The bridge is 45 minutes by bus from Hitachi Ota Station. The bus stop is Ryujin O-Tsuribashi.

One of the longest pedestrian suspension bridges in Japan

The Ryujin Suspension Bridge is 375 meters long, and at its midpoint it is 100 meters above the water below. It has been designed to safely carry as many as 3,500 people at a time.

The changing colors

The views from the bridge are astounding. It stretches over Ryujin Lake, a dragon-shaped lake created by a dam in the Ryujin River. The walls of the bridge are also emblazoned with images of dragons.

Each season offers different colors below, but the fall is best with its red, orange and gold hues. In spring and summer, the world around you is lush and green.

One of the highest bungee jumping in Japan

If crossing the gorge a hundred meters above it isn't enough of a thrill for you, there's also bungee jumping. Ryujin Suspension Bridge offers one of the highest bungee jumps in Japan.

Numerous events throughout the year

Throughout the year, Ryujin Suspension Bridge has various events that offer another view of the gorge. On May 5, which is celebrated as Children's Day in Japan, the bridge is decorated with thousands of carp streamers.

The area around the bridge is turned into a magical world with hundreds of lanterns for its Ryujin Gorge Lantern Festival in mid-August and the Ryujin-Kyo Momiji Matsuri, which celebrates the autumn colors in November.

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