Iwatsuki Castle Park 岩槻城址公園

Iwatsuki Jyoshi Park
Iwatsuki Jyoshi Park

The park that includes a bit of history

Iwatsuki Castle Park is in Saitama's Iwatsuki ward and was built around the ruins of the former Iwatsuki Castle. Near the exact center of the Kanto plain, Iwatsuki was once a major post on the Nikko-Kaido Road. Trek along the past on walking paths formed by the castle's former moats.

How to Get There

The park is accessible by train, car, or taxi.

From Shinjuku , take the Saikyo Line to Omiya. From Omiya, transfer to the Tobu-Noda Line and get off at Higashi Iwatsuki station. The park is about a 25-minute walk from the station or a short taxi ride away.

A therapeutic green space

Iwatsuki Castle Park has a large pond traversed by Yatsuhashi Bridge. The bridge is long and flanked by brilliant red parapets. It's a perfect spot for taking in views of the park, especially during the cherry blossom season. The park has almost 700 cherry trees that bloom during the spring. The pond also has irises, and there are other flowers nearby to enjoy.

The park is surrounded by lush forests with paths winding through them and a playground for kids. There's also a baseball field, tennis courts, and an old locomotive on display.

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