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Shiodawara Cliffs 塩俵断崖

Shiodawara Cliff Shiodawara Cliff
Shiodawara Cliff Shiodawara Cliff

Rock formation speaking to nature's power

Located in northwestern Nagasaki Prefecture , the secluded island of Ikitsuki features some of Japan's most rugged coastal escarpments. Gaining popularity as a tourist attraction is the Shiodawara Cliffs, a visually striking formation and part of Saikai National Park .

Don't Miss

  • Observing the honeycomb-like appearance of the cliff face
  • Obae Lighthouse overlooking the East China Sea

How to Get There

Ikitsuki Island is easily reached by car or bus from Tabira in Hirado. Hirado itself is accessible by car, bus or train.

JR trains run to Hirado from either Fukuoka or Nagasaki. From Fukuoka, get off at Hirado-Guchi Station in Tabira. From Nagasaki, transfer at Sasebo and get on a train bound for Tabira.

Express buses to Hirado run from Hakata (2 hours) or Nagasaki Station, (1 hour 40 minutes). You can also catch regular buses from Sasebo near the new Ferry Port.

From Tabira it is a 40-minute journey to Ikitsuki. For those not traveling by rental car, the island is serviced by microbuses.

Quick Facts

More than 400 islands populate the Saikai National Park

The bridge connecting Ikitsuki to mainland Hirado is the longest continuous truss bridge in the world, measuring in at 1312 ft

Cliffs with a honeycomb-like appearance

Carved by years of continuous pounding by the aquamarine waters of the Genkai Sea and measuring approximately 20 meters high, the Shiodawara Cliffs stretch for about 500 meters along the island coast. Rugged and imposing, the rockface speaks to the power of nature.

The drive from Tachiura towards Shiodawara Cliffs is recommended for those arriving by car. Nicknamed Sunset Way, this little stretch of road is a great spot to watch the sunset over the waters below.

A lighthouse at the end of the world

Obae Lighthouse, located at the northernmost tip of Ikitsuki, is also recommended for its secluded views. Climb up to the observatory platform and look out across the sea, as if you are at the edge of the world.

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