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A key port of call where the Dutch traded

Like many other places in Nagasaki , Western culture and Japanese culture live side by side here in Hirado.

Historically known as Firando, Hirado was the port of call for ships between the Asian mainland and Japan as far back as the Nara period. Most of this trade took place at the Hirado Dutch Trading Post, built in 1609.

The Dutch Trading Post still exists, and you can visit it while enjoying the surrounding picturesque scenery and beautiful seafront.

Don't Miss

  • Sakigata Park, a beautiful view point and a favorite spot for Hirado tsutsuji (azalea) viewing
  • Burning of the fields of the Kawachi Pass
  • Hirado flounder, a local favorite

How to Get There

From Nagasaki City , it usually takes around two hours and 10 minutes to get to Hirado.

You can enjoy the wonderful views from Hirado Ohashi, the red bridge that connects Hirado to the mainland.

So much to do and see

In addition to the trading post, why not visit Hirado Castle, once the home to the Matsura clan? The museum within the castle not only contains many valuable relics dating all the way to Hirado's feudal past but also offers scenic views of Hirado Port and the ancient forest on the island of Kurokojima.

Festivals as far as the eye can see

If it is a taste of tradition you are after, Hirado has that in abundance. Rich with festivals that are famous all across Japan, you are sure to experience one regardless of when you visit.

Perhaps the most notable of the festivals is Hirado Jangara, a harvest dance where the dancers keep their faces hidden. Because of its elegance and cultural importance, this dance has been listed as an Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property.

Go for a stroll

For nature lovers, Kawachi Pass is a beautiful walk offering a grand panoramic view of the island. On a clear day, you may even be able to spot the islands of Ikishima and Tsushima off in the distance.


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