Omura Park 大村公園 (二重馬場)

Omura Park Nijyu Bajyo
Omura Park Nijyu Bajyo

A sea of flowers spreads throughout Omura Park

Built over the outer moat of Kushima Castle, Omura Park turns into a pink-petalled dream you will never want to wake up from.

How to Get There

The park is accessible by bus.

Catch the bus from Omura Bus Terminal bound for Isahaya and get off at the City Hall stop. The trip takes five minutes.

If you are coming from Nagasaki City, catch the bus bound for Nagasaki Airport and get off near Omura City Hall. The trip takes just over an hour.

Quick Facts

Omura Park is on the list of Japan's top 100 cherry blossom spots

Over 2,000 Omura Sakura cherry trees bloom from late March to early April

Omura's mascot, Omuran-chan, is based on a cherry blossom

Not just cherry blossoms in spring

Blooming all around the Uraminotaki Garden alongside a marvelous 30-meter waterfall are approximately 5,800 rhododendron trees in 45 varieties from all over the world.

Summer blossoms

From late May to mid-June, the park is filled with 30,000 Japanese irises. The sight of a sea of purples and blues lit up is not to be missed.

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