Bank of Japan Headquarters 日本銀行 本店

Bank of Japan Bank of Japan
Bank of Japan Bank of Japan

Tour the interior of Japan's central bank, including the vault

The imposing Bank of Japan is outwardly emblematic of a bygone era of money in the country, but it still sets the financial pace. The headquarters include a 120-year-old neo-Baroque structure that's still in use.

Don't Miss

  • The charming classic architecture
  • The Currency Museum

Quick Facts

The Bank of Japan is the bank responsible for issuing the yen

Designed by Tatsuno Kingo, who also created the redbrick building of Tokyo Station

How to Get There

The bank is centrally located in Tokyo and easily accessible by train or taxi.

The Bank of Japan is in Nihonbashi, just a short walk from the Mitsukoshi-mae Station, JR Kanda Station and Tokyo Station , among others.

Golden era of banking

The bank stands on the former site of a gold mint. The old building retains its original amenities, such as its dazzling chandeliers and imported iron stairs. You can take an English-language guided tour of the premises, but you'll need to make a reservation weeks in advance.

You'll learn all about the history of the bank on the tour, and even visit the underground vault.

Collections from the past

In addition to the old building, visit the newer annex across the street and see the Currency Museum. Here you'll see coins and banknotes from Japan's past and other curious currencies from around the world.

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Currency Museum Bank of Japan Attraction
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