Ontayaki Pottery Village 小鹿田焼の里

Ontayaki no Sato Ontayaki Pottery Village
Ontayaki no Sato Ontayaki Pottery Village

A pottery village dating from the 18th century

The mountain village of Onta was established by visiting potters and is famous for its ontayaki pottery, which is characterized by geometric patterns. Visit the Ontayaki Pottery Village to see the distinctive style of Onta ceramics.

Don't miss

  • Watching potters at the wheel as they make plates and bowls designed for everyday use
  • Exploring the village grounds to unearth the history of yesteryear
  • Making your own pottery in Onta's traditional style starting at only 500 yen

How to Get There

Oita Station is served by the Kyudai, Hohi, and Nippo Main Lines, offering access to much of Kyushu.

From Oita Station , take the Kyudai main line train and get off at Hita Station. Take a Hita Bus from Hita Bus Center and get off at Sarayama.

Starting a movement

This village benefited from the Mingei Movement in the early 20th century, led by British studio potter Bernard Leach, Commander of the British Empire (CBE), and Japanese craftsman Yanagi Muneyoshi.

The movement emphasized the beauty of ordinary objects, particularly Japanese everyday items, which has made ontayaki pottery increasingly valuable and popular.

Entry access

Business hours for the village depend on the pottery that is being produced.

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