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Hateruma Observation Tower 波照間島星空観測タワー

hateruma Astronomical observation tower hateruma Astronomical observation tower
hateruma Astronomical observation tower hateruma Astronomical observation tower

See splendor in the heavens from Hateruma Observation Tower

Plan an overnight stay on Hateruma Island and pay a nighttime visit to the observatory on the southeast corner of the island. See the night sky as you have never experienced it before.

How to Get There

Hateruma Island is accessible by flight or ferry.

The ferry from Ishigaki to Hateruma Island runs three times a day and takes about an hour.

There is also one flight a day from Ishigaki that takes about 30 minutes.

There is no public transportation on Hateruma Island. If you are staying overnight, most inns provide a shuttle service. Alternatively, you can rent a car, scooter or bicycle.

Stunning views of the galaxy

When the sun sets, there is just one place to head on Hateruma Island, the Starry Sky Observatory Tower. As the southernmost point of Japan, the clear skies and a complete absence of light pollution here make this the perfect place to capture the beauty of the night sky. The dome has a 20 mm refracting telescope installed, and the Southern Cross is visible from Hateruma Island from late April through mid-June.

The observatory is open every day except Mondays. There are no night ferries back to Ishigaki , so plan an overnight stay on Hateruma and enjoy the night sky in all its splendor.

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