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Shizunai Cherry Blossoms 二十間道路桜並木

Cherry Trees lined on 20-Ken Road of Shizunai Cherry Trees lined on 20-Ken Road of Shizunai
Cherry Trees lined on 20-Ken Road of Shizunai Cherry Trees lined on 20-Ken Road of Shizunai

A seven-kilometer stroll among three thousand cherry trees

Surrounded by green fields and with the impressive Hidaka mountain range in the distance, walking along the Nijukken Road of Shizunai provides the perfect cherry blossom-viewing trip.

Don't Miss

  • Cherry blossoms are usually in full bloom early May to mid-May
  • Arrive early for the best parking and a quieter walk
  • Bring water, snacks, and a picnic mat because the road is seven kilometers long

Quick Facts

The road was built in 1903 for the Imperial family's ranch

Workers on the ranch labored for three years to bring the cherry trees down from the mountains

How to Get There

Take a three-hour trip by bus or train from Sapporo Station, then a 15-minute taxi ride or a local bus. If you want to get there early, hire a car.

Cherry Blossom Festival

Although Shizunai is a beautiful place to visit all year long, this mid-May festival is the highlight of the year. Arrive early and park as near as you can to the halfway point, where you will see a line of vendor stalls.

From there, you can walk in either direction. After your walk, return to the stalls, which sell a variety of novel souvenirs and tasty food, and enjoy a lunch under the sakura like a local.

If you have time to spare

Ryuunkaku is an elegant Japanese building over 100 years old near the end of the east side of the Nijukken road. It is only open to the public during the Cherry Blossom Festival. Go admire the fine architecture and traditional musical performances if you have time.

The latest information may differ, so please check the official website

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