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Goryokaku Park Cherry Blossoms 五稜郭公園の桜

Goryokaku Park - Cherry blossom-SPR Goryokaku Park - Cherry blossom-SPR
Goryokaku Park - Cherry blossom-SPR Goryokaku Park - Cherry blossom-SPR

Celebrate like a local, eating and drinking under the cherry blossoms

As you approach Goryokaku Park, the combined scent of cherry blossoms and barbecue draw you closer. The park is considered the best place in Hakodate to see cherry blossoms. With its star-shaped, moated fort and observation tower, the park is a must-visit spot in Hakodate .

Don't Miss

  • The views from the tower of the cherry blossoms around the star-shaped fort.
  • Cooking lunch at your own barbecue
  • Strolling under the red and white lanterns at night during cherry blossom season

How to Get There

Goryokaku Park is easily accessible from Hakodate Station by bus, tram or on foot.

From Hakodate Station, take a tram or a bus to Goryokaku Koen Mae and then walk.

Goryokaku Park has around 1,600 cherry blossom trees

Clouds of cherry blossoms

The whole park turns pink in spring, with 1,600 cherry blossoms trees. Many trees were planted when the park was opened to the public in 1914. The unusual shape of the park means there are plenty of vantage points. As the petals fall, they turn the moat a milky pink.

Lanterns will light your way

While walking through Goryokaku Park on spring days is a treat for the senses, it really comes alive at night. Join friends and families celebrating under the illuminated trees and stroll under hundreds of red and white lanterns that add to the magical atmosphere.

The lanterns lit at night

A feast of blossoms and barbecue

During cherry blossom season, you can enjoy traditional Hokkaido barbecue under the blooms. Visitors can buy a “Goryokaku Ohanami Plan,” that includes all you need to have your own barbecue in the park. Featuring Hokkaido's famous Genghis Khan Mongolian-style lamb, the plans are a great way to enjoy the cherry blossom.

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