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Ibusuki Onsen 指宿温泉

Ibusuki Onsen Ibusuki Onsen
Ibusuki Onsen Ibusuki Onsen

Healing sand baths by the sea, with the mysterious Chiringashima, an island you can reach only at low tide

Ibusuki Onsen is one of Japan's more unusual spa getaways, famous for its steamy sand baths on the beach and more conventional open-air hot springs nearby. Dressing in a yukata and having hot sand shoveled over you up to the neck is a singular experience said to purify the body.

Not far off Ibusuki's coast is an islet called Chiringashima. Linked by a sandbar to the mainland briefly during the day, and only between October and March, it is said to be a matchmaking spot. Enjoy the sight and smell of the surrounding sea from the sandbar.

Don't Miss

  • Natural sand baths perfect for detoxing
  • Strolling from the mainland to Chiringashima
  • Learn about the town's local pottery and history at the Satsuma Denshokan Museum

How to Get There

Ibusuki is connected to the nearby main city of Kagoshima by train; train travel covered by the Japan Rail Pass. Buses also run regularly between the two cities.

From Kagoshima Chuo Station you can take the express or local trains to Ibusuki Station. If you're traveling from Tokyo or Osaka, flying to Fukuoka Airport is the quickest option. From nearby Hakata Station, you can make the rest of the journey by the Kyushu Shinkansen and JR Limited Express Ibusuki-makurazaki Line.

A hot sand detox

Ibusuki is Kagoshima's most famous hot spring resort well known for its excellent seaside location and sunamushi hot sand baths, a style of bathing said to have become popular over 300 years ago. The sand is naturally heated by an underground hot spring.

A singular spa experience

After changing into a cotton yukata, go down to the sand bath area and you will be led to your spot by the kind staff. As soon as you lie down in the sand pit you can feel the warmth, but that's just the beginning. The staff will cover you up to the neck in a layer of the sand.

The sand reaches temperatures of around 50-55°C, and sweating is a given, but that accelerates your body's ability to rid itself of toxins. Around 10 to 15 minutes is enough time for the full effect, although some stay under longer. This treatment opens the pores, improves circulation, and increases blood oxygen levels. Afterward, head inside to the regular hot spring baths to rinse off the sand and soak in the cleansing and equally beneficial onsen waters.

Add a little infinity to your perspective

Visit Healthy Land Tamatebako Onsen for a dip in an outdoor bath with incredible views of Mt. Kaimon . The gender-separate open-air infinity-pool style baths both feature views of the ocean and the mountain slopes.

Discover the city's ceramic history

The Satsuma Denshokan Museum, set on the grounds of Hotel Ibusuki Hakusuikan, was specifically designed to showcase the history of Satsuma (modern-day Kagoshima). The museum focuses on local ceramics mainly crafted during the early Meiji period (1868-1912).

A sleepy rural onsen town

A trip to nearby Unagi Onsen, a real local onsen town, is a worthwhile excursion. Unagi Onsen is a laidback little village dotted with many small family-run hot springs. Rebel and last samurai Saigo Takamori loved this little town, and the chilled countryside atmosphere is a perfect backdrop for ultimate relaxation.

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