Hirosaki Park Cherry Blossoms 弘前公園

Hirosaki Park Cherry Blossom-SPR
Hirosaki Park Cherry Blossom-SPR

View the oldest Somei-Yoshino of Hirosaki Park

The sakura viewing in Hirosaki Park is famous, not only because of the spectacular light-pink blanket of blossoms that arrive every spring, but for its old Somei-Yoshino cherry tree, planted in 1882.

Quick Facts

Hirosaki Park is part of the Hirosaki Castle grounds

Nighttime illuminations during the Hirosaki Park Cherry Blossom Festival are a major highlight

How to Get There

From Hirosaki Station, Hirosaki Park is a 15-minute bus ride. Get off at the Shiyakusho Mae bus stop.

The famous Somei-Yoshino cherry tree inside Hirosaki Park is roughly a 10-minute walk from the Shiyakusho Mae bus stop, located inside the inner moat area, where the castle is located. The closest structure is the Higashi Uchimon Gate.

The most beautiful sakura

All Somei-Yoshino trees in Japan are cloned from a single hybrid and generally considered to be the most popular flowering cherry tree. The original trees are said to come from Nara, but the Somei-Yoshino in Hirosaki Park come from Kyoto.

Enjoy the festival

The oldest Somei-Yoshino tree, of course, blossoms during the Hirosaki Park Cherry Blossom Festival. There is much more to see at the festival—don't miss the Sakura Tunnel, performances, music, and the illumination at night.

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