Dutch Slope オランダ坂

Oranda-zaka Oranda-zaka
Oranda-zaka Oranda-zaka

Stone-paved, scenic slope steeped in history

Located in Higashi-Yamate, Oranda-zaka or "Dutch Slope" is a small and hilly road with a long and winding history. A preferred settlement area for (mainly Dutch) foreigners from the mid-19th century, the area's Western-style buildings reveal past expat life at its finest.

Don't Miss

  • Eight Flag Tea Shop, inspired by British culture and popular for fluffy waffles
  • A beautifully maintained Confucian shrine known as Kyoshi-byo
  • Prime tourism spot Glover Garden is just a 10-minute walk away

How to Get There

Nagasaki's tram networks provide direct access. The area is a 5-minute walk from Tsukimachi Station, on the blue or green line. Alternatively, take the green tram to Shiminbyouin Mae. From here, you'll reach Oranda-zaka in about two minutes.

Architecturally sound

The architecture along the slope is mainly Western in style, with sweeping verandas and latticed woodwork. In stark contrast to the tans and browns typically found in Japanese houses, many of the former residences and foreign consulates now house museums or refurbished eateries.

Home life on display

An exception is Higashi Yamate 13, former home of a wealthy family and now open to the public. Visit this well-kept abode and make sure to go out onto the upstairs balcony.

Hints of a religious past

Japan's first Protestant Church of England was originally built on site in 1862. Look out for the monument to the church's ruins, buried in the stone wall where the Oranda-zaka begins.

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